Since 1986


“His Magnetic spirit and willingness to serve is known throughout California – from Sacramento, into the Bay Area and Los Angeles.”


His Story

Spend five minutes with him and you will come in contact with his passion. For music. For people for Christ.

It all makes sense if you know Datboitss, who was born and raised in Sacramento. The 32-year-old, father and minister knows first hand the transformative power of God. He used to use drugs heavily then began to sell to make a quick dollar, manipulating men and women to get whatever he desired leaving them lost and confused. Which is why he is so excited about being a new creation, why he is so zealous about sharing the gospel with others, why he is so passionate about serving and uplifting.

The goal for Datboitss is to enlighten people who are suffering and going through heartache, declaring their struggle is a sign of a need to change.


“Fellowship, Giving, Sharing the Gospel. Providing, Teaching and Nurturing. Sacrificing, Struggling, Suffering, Repenting, Praying and Loving.”

The signs for the need to change lifestyle are evident in the prevalence of death, unhealthy marriages, single-parent homes, depression and suicide rates, and financial distress. Living for Christ will not only correct some of the ills that plague our lives but will also help us better deal with these issues.


Spiritual Development


Youth Mentorship

Music Production/Mangement